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Number Of Instagram Users Again

#Data — Number Of Instagram Users (Again)

The number of Instagram users is not growing, it’s rocketing! Earlier this year, we were reporting that Instagram had just reached 600 million monthly active users. Yesterday, Instagram announced they had just crossed the 700 million users mark: That’s 100 million new users in less than four months. In comparison, the last 100 million users took them six months to

Explore Fred Cavazza's 2017 Social Media Landscape

#LongRead — Explore Fred Cavazza’s 2017 Social Media Landscape

Fred Cavazza published the first version of his Social Media Landscape back in 2008. Fred Cavazza‘s social media landscape evolution from 2008 to 2017 As he puts it: I was far from expecting to see them overtake the web and shift the balance of power. And yet, here we are, 10 years laters with social platforms reigning supreme on the digital

Improve your Ads Targeting With LinkedIn Matched Audiences

#New — Improve your Ads Targeting With LinkedIn Matched Audiences

LinkedIn is a fantastic social network if you need to target professionals — either to reach out to a B2B audience or when leading employer brand marketing campaigns — and their targeting capabilities just got a serious update, with Matched Audiences. Credit: LinkedIn Following a six-month extensive pilot program, LinkidIn is introducing today (and rolling out this week) Matched Audiences, with

Get Philosophical Thoughts With Every New Browser Tab

#Fun — Get Philosophical Thoughts With Every New Browser Tab

Nowadays, everything seems to be about optimization — “harder, better, faster, stronger” would say Daft Punk — and although we do want to help you be the best at what you do with Calendy, we also think, as human beings, that sometimes it’s great to escape from this frenzy and get a bit more existential. ShowerThoughts will provide you exactly with

Discover Your New List And Calendar Views

#Calendy — Update: Discover Your New List And Calendar Views

This month, our team is happy to introduce a “design” update, including new list and calendar views, as well as a couple of new features. Besides a user interface lifting, your new list view now allows you to: Sort posts by date, subject, copy & comments, either in ascending or descending order. Filter posts by date format, channel, media, status & assignee.

Be Nice On Social Media And Go Viral Or Just Be Nice

#LongRead — Be Nice (On Social Media) And Go Viral. Or Just Be Nice.

In his opinion piece for AdWeek, GlassView VP of Business Development Peter Dakich explains why it pays to be nice on social media. This is not really a long read per se — 632 words — but a good read that definitely sparks a deeper reflexion about the stakes, for brands and individuals alike, of being nice online. While (antagonizing) Super Bowl

Make Outstanding Photo Collages With Pasted

#Tool — Make Outstanding Photo Collages With Pasted

What if “old” was the new “new”? That’s kind of the philosophy behind Pasted, a super simple iOS app that lets you make good old-fashioned photo collages! Based on an idea by Shins frontman James Mercer, and developed by The Brigade‘s spin-off Spruced, Pasted allows you to: Select a couple of images from your phone library. Cut them in whatever shape you feel

Number Of Tweets For United Nations Real World Issues

#Data — Number Of Tweets For United Nations Real World Issues

While social media are certainly a go-to place for first world problems, our favorite platforms also play an important role when it comes to discussing real world issues. According to this study by SOAS University of London, which analyzed more than 150 million tweets, here are the 10 most popular topics on Twitter as defined by an official United Nations list

Track Meme Trends With Me.Me Trends

#Fun — Track Meme Trends With Me.Me Trends

Inspired by the r/MemeEconomy subreddit, the team at created a super fun tool allowing all of us to track meme trends! Trends basically works like Google Trends: type in one or more terms and a graph will show you how popular your phrases have been over time, in the realm of memes. If you have some time to waste